The best kept secret for transforming your brand. 

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Five insights on advertising’s most difficult sentence.

The creative brief is the most important part of the advertising creative process. Everyone struggles with it. Even harder is the Single-Minded Proposition. It asks: What’s the one most important thing to say about the product? A close examination of five elements on every brief reveals the thinking behind this sentence. You’ll also meet two industry innovators, and learn how their thinking can unlock better, more memorable creative.

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Write a tighter creative brief for better results and fewer redos.

In fewer than 150 pages, this graphic textbook breaks down each step of writing a creative brief in conversational language, illustrated with examples of great briefs and great creative. It’s filled with exercises you can do anywhere. It was written by a veteran copywriter and creative director who worked from creative briefs for a living. Are you ready to eliminate miscommunication and creative work that misses the mark?

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Write clearer briefs in a day

Howard shares 30 years of insights on writing creative briefs in his workshops and keynote address.